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Traveling With a Newborn: Here’s How to Make it Easy

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Traveling with a newborn can be easy using our tips for planning and accommodating baby’s needs.

You have a newborn family member and probably your routines and plans are changed from the root up. Summer days are just coming, so as a new parent you want to relax and have a great family time with your newborn baby. 

This could be a very tricky situation since traveling with your baby can influence many decisions, from to the final destination, accommodation, transportation type to suitcase packing, just to name a few. But don’t worry, because taking your kid on a vacation would be a great idea if you take care of several things which could make this ordeal an ultimately pleasant experience for all of you. 

traveling with a newborn baby

Travel destination and accommodation

Choosing the right destination is important when it comes to having a great family vacation. Look for sunny and warm destinations which can offer interesting spots for you and your kid with different indoor and outdoor activities. 

You should focus on sunny Southern states and check out places like Houston, Austin, or Miami to have great summer days together with your newborn. After choosing your final destination, you have to focus on the right accommodation as an important part of traveling with your newborn baby. For example, if you chose to visit Houston for a family vacation this year, make sure you look for affordable 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Houston close to the main attractions. This way, you’ll be able to save on both accommodation and travel.

A one-bedroom apartment will be a good fit for you if you travel with a newborn. Your baby can sleep with you or in a separate baby bed, probably in the same position as at home, so try not to interrupt their sleeping routine. Also, check for a balcony for regular air refreshment during the day and unwinding in the afternoon. 

Transportation process

Keep in mind that different transportation types can have a different influence on your baby’s mood and behavior. For example, if you travel by plane, prefer to book a separate seat for your baby next to the window, to prevent being stuck in the middle. That way you can chat, tickle, count toes or look out the window with your newborn without disturbing the other passengers.

If you travel by car, use a baby car seat and bring some toys to have fun on the road. Generally speaking, babies get hungry, thirsty, and need to take a nap every half an hour or so, so bring baby food and a baby carrier to rest safely near you. You can implement the same tips if you travel by bus or train too.

Packing tips for your baby

As a parent of a newborn baby, you probably think about bringing everything from your home on your vacation just in case. But, it’s not recommended to do it because you should make more space in your baggage for the most necessary things. When you pack the clothes, try to be a minimalist and take light clothes for your baby, like t-shirts and shorts, comfy hats, diapers or pants, soft pajamas, socks, and similar. Also, don’t forget to bring your baby’s favorite toys or download some cartoons to let them watch in the offline areas. 

Next, always bring your home pharmacy in a small bag or backpack, including a thermometer and relevant medications for the baby. Hygiene products are a must as well, like baby soap and shampoo, diapers, sterilized bottles, wet wipes, soft baby bathrobes, baby powder, and so on. 

When it comes to food and feeding, you should pack the baby’s favorite food, a bottle of water, and milk too. Taking some fruit if your kid is at the age of eating firmer food would be a great idea. Keep in mind to use stainless steel dishes during the feeding, so write them down in your packing list too.

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Bottom line

Traveling with your newborn baby can be a very tricky situation from the aspect of choosing your final destination, the transportation type, packing your suitcases, and similar. Being a parent to a newborn means getting new routines and plans, so going on a vacation for the first time together can bring many questions to your table. 

It would be a nice experience if you take care of the traveling process beforehand. Keep in mind to not interrupt the baby’s sleeping time slot, and take some toys to make them fun. Also, look for a one-bedroom apartment near interesting spots to spend quality time together and pack your suitcases as modestly as possible to make more space for the necessary things at first.  

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