Visiting Kimberley – 5 Fun Things to Do

If you are planning to visit Kimberly which is a very famous region in Australia then you are on the right path. It is guaranteed that you will get an awestruck experience while traveling the region. It is one of those nine regions which are situated in Western Australia. It has the Timor Sea on the north and Indian sea on the west part of that region.

5 things to do in Kimberley Australia

Kimberley has a lot of various options and you can have a fun-filled trip for sure. The region is filled with wilderness, beautiful waterfalls, magnificent towns and a variety of memorable attractions that will imprint on your mind.

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To help you plan your visit to Kimberley, we have compiled a list of fun things to do which you shouldn’t miss on.

1.    Visiting a national park

There are different types of parks in that region, but the Tunnel Creek is very famous among them. The national park has a cave which is the oldest in Western Australia. An ample amount of water always passes through those tunnels which are below the limestone and are situated in the Napier Range.

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When you are planning to visit this historic place, you should follow a few protocols such as wearing proper covered shoes and carrying a good quality torch. The daytime is the best time to visit.

2.    Spending time on a cruise

If you are traveling to Kimberley, you should sort your timetable and get some days for the cruise. The Kimberley Coast cruises are world famous. You can experience spectacular scenes while cruising on the river which is on the side of heels and reefs.

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If you want, you can also do parties and celebrate different types of occasions on those cruises. The cruises will also help you to visit different towns of the regions via the waterway.

3.    Camel ride on Cable Beach

One of the wonderful places of the Kimberly region is Cable Beach. It is a perfect spot to spend quality time with your loved ones, doing a picnic, get a swim or sunbathe. You should also try the camel rides. It will give you a lifelong experience. You can also indulge in water sports at the beach.

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4.    Eco-drive on Rowley Shoals

Rowley Shoals is a marine park where different types of sea animals are conserved. It has three coral reefs named as Clerke Reef, Mermaid Reef, and Imperieuse Reef. The place is home of fish and mollusc. You can also see different types of sea turtle, dolphins, and whales.

You should experience an eco-dive on these coral reefs. At the time of diving, you will be experiencing 650 species of fishes and the activities of dolphin and turtle.

5.    Go for a long drive

By showing any kind of identity proof you can hire a car. Just go for a long drive with your friends and families to different locations in the region. But, the River road of Gibb 9 is very famous among those exciting destinations. While traveling on the road, you can witness amazing sceneries filled with waterfalls, gorges and most importantly the Pentecost River.

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You can also go camping in those locations and places don’t miss the opportunity of trekking. Relaxing on different nature cottage and doing 4WD safari should be your main motto along with driving. You should consult a travel guide if you are planning to visit the road to get a complete experience of natural beauty.

Kimberly is a land of nature-stricken beauty along with some gorgeous towns, adding a feather to its beauty. Make sure it’s part of your Australia Bucket List.

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