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Walking Costa Brava: A Walk on the Wild Side

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2023)

Who doesn’t like long walks by the sea? If you’re thinking of walking in Spain, consider walking Costa Brava! It’s a walk a little more on the wild side.

Spain’s Costa Brava is somewhat of an unknown factor – to Americans, anyway – on the Mediterranean. Mention it in the U.S. and you’re likely to get a blank stare. When Americans think of Spain, they think of Madrid, or even running with the bulls in Pamplona. Mediterranean family cousins to the Costa Brava in France, Italy, Greece, and even Croatia typically receive the most love in the American travel press.

All of these places are wonderful, of course, and we’d be the last to discourage travelers from considering a visit to any of them. But we’re throwing our hat in the ring for Costa Brava, in northeast Spain. And we’re going to encourage you even further: to take a walk on the wild side – along its rocky paths meandering beside the sea, and inland through the Baix Empordà region.

walking costa brava
Rugged and rocky Costa Brava at Lloret de Mar

When Americans think of walking in Spain, they might think of the Camino de Santiago, a Christian (and now secular) pilgrimage in existence for hundreds of years. We know half a dozen couples, and at least two solo travelers who have walked the Camino. But walking Costa Brava can turn into a personal pilgrimage designed by you as well, if you desire.

walking Costa Brava
Trail To Platja de Fenals – Lloret de Mar

During our recent stay, we had more than one opportunity for walking Costa Brava: in Platja d’Aro along the Cami de Ronda – which stretches 43km from the village of San Feliu de Guixols to another favorite village of ours, Begur – and in other communities in Baix Empordà. 

walking costa brava
Wandering the Cami de Ronda

As well, we walked the coastal trail in Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava’s biggest resort city, perhaps best known for its casinos, late nightlife, and see-and-be-seen beach.

walking costa brava
Beach at Lloret de Mar

There’s a lot more we could say about the wild and beautiful scenery in Costa Brava, but words would fail.

walking costa brava
walking costa brava
Mist in the morning

There’s definitely a lot more we could say about the outstanding food along the way when walking Costa Brava so we made this video for you to drool over enjoy.


There’s a lot more we could say about the sense of peace and tranquility that comes with walking Costa Brava, but perhaps these photos will convince you. We’ll shut up now.

walking costa brava
Serene places to gather
walking costa brava
Beached at Lloret de Mar
walking costa brava
Stacked and waiting
walking costa brava
These colors!

Pinnable Image:

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Practicalities, tips and information:

The Cami de Ronda consists of two routes, the linear and the circular at 43km and 140km respectively. The linear route connects coastal villages, and became a pivotal part of attempts in the 18th and 19th centuries to control smuggling and black market activities. In the 20th century, smugglers continued to operate along the Costa Brava well into the 1950’s as war and political unrest affected supply chains from international markets. The circular route begins and ends in Girona, running through medieval villages such as Palamos, Llafranc, and Begur. It traverses a variety of terrain, including the Gavarres Hills, beaches and the Sanctuary of Angels (where Salvador Dalí was married). Information and recommendations for all types of participants – from the physically fit to the sedentary weekend walker – outline different pacing and length of route. Baggage handling services can have your things waiting for you at any number of accommodations along the way. Rental GPS, insurance, transfers and private, certified guides are available.

Informal day walks can be enjoyed all along the Costa Brava. Our favorite villages for short walks: Palamos, Begur, Palafrugell and Platja d’Aro.

Baix Emporda Trail Network App – If you’re planning on walking, cycle touring or mountain biking in the Baix Empordà, download the Wikiloc app for Android or iPhone. Register your email and confirm for access to all the routes on the Baix Empordà channel free of charge. The routes are found in the Tourist Destinations section. The routes can be saved and accessed in your mobile device while offline.

Thanks to Costa Brava Tourism and Visit Empordà for hosting us in this wonderful region. As always, opinions and observations are our own.

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sadia khan

Saturday 17th of December 2016

Thanks for sharing Really nice

Chocolate Day

Saturday 17th of December 2016

love Costa Brava! It’s odd that I didn’t go to the TBEX there this year but I’d gone to one there a couple years earlier and wanted to do something different this year. But Costa Brava is so fabulous!


Saturday 26th of November 2016

Thanks I really love your style of thinking thanks :)


Wednesday 9th of November 2016

Thanks for this buddy Love to read you :) What a lot of stamina you must have to walk the Costa Brava!


Friday 16th of September 2016

That's very impressive. And your write up is lovely with all those pictures. I would like to be there on some day.

Thanks for sharing.


Saturday 17th of September 2016

Agreed with Kavitha, great writeup and amazing pictures. @kavitha if you ever make it to Costa Brava be sure to check out some of these amazing sights.

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