Why Living in Canada Is Awesome

There’s no mistaking that Canada has a charm and intrigue about it.  Whenever anyone is unhappy with their life or politics in the United States- the quickest thing people will jump to is to say they’re moving to Canada.  As funny as this old joke may seem, many people could live better lives if they followed through and made the big move north.  Here are some of the top reasons everyone should consider moving to Canada, even if you haven’t given it any thought before.

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Low Crime Rate

If you’re coming from a large city in America, Canada’s low crime rates may astound you.  Thanks to their better handling of mental health care, better social services, and lower police brutality rates, people are less likely to commit violent crimes.  This lower crime rate ensures that families and people living in cities can feel safer and live their lives more freely.  The right mental health care also provides that people who might turn to crime have the base problems taken care of.

Universal Health Care

This statement is up for hot debate, and many don’t see it as a perk, while others are fierce believers in the benefits this system could have for society.  Universal healthcare offers to help eradicate medical debt by ensuring that everyone has free healthcare.  Although people can pay on top for insurance to get better or different medical care, nobody is going into debt over cancer or diabetes.  This choice also pulls in the extortion that insurance companies pull, overcharging for everything because they can.

High Emphasis On Education

Whether you’re looking at Ottawa real estate for a family home or the schools, one thing’s for sure- your kids will be well educated in Canada.  Canadian students are more educated in world history, economics, and human rights- they’re also more encouraged to go to college, which is both more affordable and higher rated than schools in America.

Open-Minded And Open Armed

There’s no mystery as to why the world thinks Canadians are so friendly.  Although the country is still working through problems like racism and inequality like every country is, it feels like they’re lightyears ahead of American politics.  A move to Canada moves towards seeing the best in people and wanting to learn and grow.  Although no country is perfect, and nobody lives in a utopia, Canadians are a slice of easy breathing and understanding you can’t get in most of America.

Some Of The Best Food In The World

Although many people may not initially consider Canada when thinking about the country with the best food on Earth, this country doesn’t disappoint.  Because of how ethnically diverse Canada is, with Toronto being rated the most diverse city on earth, there’s a chance for different foods, seasonings, and cultures to mingle.  Canadians are more inventive and creative with their dishes and flavors and aren’t afraid to turn up the heat in their food to keep the cold winters at bay.

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