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Your Guide To The USA

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2019)

The USA is a huge place. It can often be a bit intimidating when you think of the grand scale of the country and the things it has to offer. So deciding where to go in the US can be a challenging decision.

Every state has something to offer, but people often tend to go for the more mainstream states such as Florida. There’s just so much to do there for families. However, there are many other places that also offer similar experiences.

The great thing about America is that it is so varied. There’s so much to do that will suit most anyone. This is what this article is here to explore. We’re not just going to talk about the more mainstream areas, we’re going to try and expand your mind to other areas of the USA that we think you’ll love.


Portland is the biggest city in the state of Oregon. It isn’t one of the most popular cities in the US, but it should be. Portland just has so much to offer and is a perfect destination for families, couples, and solo travelers.

Food is at the top of most every traveler’s list. Like any where in America, the food is just amazing. It is big, it is tasty, and it captures the heart of all that travel through it. Brisket might have been famously born in Texas, but the people from Portland definitely know how to make a good brisket. There are plenty of establishments serving a wide range of foods to suit all. Don’t be fooled though, the portions here are just as big as they are in other states!

As for fun things to do in Portland, there are plenty. There’s the science museum that kids will love. It has cool facts and interesting interactive areas to capture their imagination. Adults will love it, too!

And don’t forget to drop by the most Instagrammable places in Oregon. These spots offer the best backdrops to take a selfie with, from creepy Witch’s Castle to picturesque Mount Tabor Reservoirs!

The another fun place that the whole family will love is the Oregon zoo. Home to a wide variety of animals and shows being displayed throughout the day.

For couples, the bars and clubs offer an amazing atmosphere and night out. There’s a wide range of accommodations available for when you’re ready to rest your head at the end of a long day.

New Orleans

New Orleans is another wonderful city that is not as popular as some of the mainstream cities. But it should be.

It is famous for being the home of jazz. At night, the streets come alive with the sweet sounds of jazz, which makes the bars and clubs there absolutely amazing. No discussion of New Orleans is complete without talking about Bourbon street. It is famous for the bars and clubs lining the street, offering some of the best food and drink you can find in the USA.

For something a little more family based and something you can do in the day, we recommend you going to the Aquarium of the Americas. You will see many kinds of fish and marine life in many different colors, sizes and shapes.

Like with Portland, there are plenty of places to stay, many have a rustic old school look from the outside but with modern interiors.


This is one of the most beautiful states. It is a few hours flight off the west coast of the United States. It is a lot more popular than the other places we’ve spoke about because it is a paradise of Pacific islands. The tropical climate will give you that golden tan you’ve been searching for. It will be the ultimate in a relaxing vacation. But if you do want to get more action packed, there is plenty to do in terms of water sports, and exploring the beautiful Hawaiian terrain. Your options for wonderful tours are almost limitless. It is definitely more expensive than other places in the US, but you get what you pay for in Hawaii.

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