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Rome in a Weekend: A Quick Guide for a Memorable Visit

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2019)

Spending a weekend in Rome and don’t know how to best plan your stay? Fear not, we’ve got you covered for a memorable weekend getaway to Rome!

As one of the most well-loved and historical cities in the world, Rome is a definite must-visit in anyone’s lifetime, even if you just plan for a weekend in Rome on another visit to Italy.

weekend in rome guide vatican statue castello

Two days might seem too little to truly appreciate Rome, but if you plan your trip wisely, you’ll have more than enough time to revel in its magic. We asked Sam Ross, of The Hammock Hombre, to contribute this post, and he came up with a wealth of ideas.

rome skyline

So, without further ado, we present to you a weekend guide to Rome, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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The best time to visit Rome

An ideal time to visit Rome would be between October and April as this is a low season for tourists and accommodation rates tend to be cheaper. You’ll be needing to plan appropriate outerwear, though, as it can get as cold as 37°F in the winter.

rome street scene

If you’d prefer the Roman sun, visit in May or September since it will be fairly warm and not too overpopulated with tourists.

Where to stay in Rome

Much like other cities, accommodations in Rome tend to get more expensive the closer you are to the city center. And if you opt for a hotel a bit further away from the center, it won’t be much trouble as Rome has an underground system that will let you get around quick and easy.

rome vatican dome

The Modigliani – Located near the famous Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain and great value for your money. Click here for more information and reviews.

Hotel Artorius – Crowned number 1 best value-for-your-money hotel in Rome. Click here for more information and reviews. Click here for more information and reviews.

Hotel Santa Maria – Beautiful accommodations and complimentary bikes for you to explore the city. Click here for more information and reviews.

Is this a romantic weekend in Rome, or will you be celebrating a special occasion? If you’re looking to treat yourself, here is a list of Rome’s 10 best boutique hotels.

rome street at night

What to do in Rome in a weekend

If this is your first visit to Rome, you may want to opt for an orientation experience that will give you an initial familiarization with the city and provide general historic and cultural context. The following are our recommendations.

Familiarize quickly in Rome:
Rome: Hop-On and Hop-Off Big Bus Ticket – Our favorite way to acclimate in a new destination. Click here for options.
Rome 3-Hour Evening Walking Tour – Escape the heat of the day and let Rome’s evening atmosphere romance you in a small group with live guide. Click here for details and pricing.
Rome: Grand City Segway Tour – Faster and more fun than on foot with gear and an experienced guide. Click here for details and pricing.

Individual attractions in the Eternal City abound. The following is a list of the most popular, from which you can choose buffet-style to build your own weekend itinerary in Rome.

Vatican City
Home to world-famous attractions such as the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Vatican Museum, Vatican City is a must-see in Rome.

vatican city

As there tend to be long lines to the museum, be sure to get there before 9AM to also make the most of your day.

the vatican

Consider a skip the line tour or a combination tour to make the most of your time in Rome:
Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel Fast-Track Entry – Select your entrance and be escorted inside the museums in the fastest way possible, then go at your own pace. Click here for full details and pricing.
Reserved Entrance: Saint Peter Basilica Self-Guided Tour – Fast track access in a dedicated line and then all the time you want inside with an audio guide on your device. Click here for full details and pricing.
Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel & Saint Peter’s Guided Tour – Skip the line and enjoy a comprehensive three hour tour with a live guide who will take you to the main attractions and lesser known spots. Click here for full details and pricing.
Audience with Pope Francis and Tour Guide – While technically not a weekend activity, the Pope’s Wednesday audience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to profess your faith in the Holy Presence. Click here for full details and pricing.

Click here for additional Vatican Tour options.

Be sure not to miss out on the famed Map Room and the double helix stairwell while you’re there.

double helix stairway at the vatican

Tip: If your weekend plans include heavy sightseeing, consider an Omnia Rome and Vatican pass, which can amount to considerable savings in time and money.

Castel Sant’Angelo
Not far from Vatican City is this large, magnificent monument that’s served as a mausoleum, castle, fortress, and now, a museum.

castel sant'angelo

Make your way to the top for a breathtaking view of the city. But keep in mind: the Castel closes at 6PM from spring to fall, but at 1PM for the rest of the year, so best head here early in the day. Click here for additional information.

Rome: Castel and Ponte Sant’Angelo Guided Tour – Fast track enter and be transported back to Emperor Hadrian’s day with your guided walk through the mausoleum, and the fortifications of Rome’s first castle and the Pont Sant’Angelo across the Tiber River. Click here for more information.

ponte sant'angelo

Piazza del Popolo
Just 20 minutes away, the Piazza del Popolo awaits. Years ago, all travelers had to pass through the Piazza as it was Rome’s northern gate. Today, in the center of the Piazza stands an Egyptian obelisk, dating back to 10BC. You can also find the gorgeous twin churches of Santa Maria del Miracoli and Santa Maria Montesanto.

piazza del popolo

Spanish Steps
Walk through the Villa Borghese Gardens and down the Viale della Trinita dei Monti and you’ll find yourself on the Spanish Steps. At 135 steps long, this famous staircase was featured in the 1953 Audrey Hepburn movie Roman Holiday.

spanish steps

Trevi Fountain
Known as the world’s largest Baroque fountain, there’s no reason to skip seeing the grand Trevi Fountain. Legend has it that you must throw a coin into it if you wish to return to Rome one day.

trevi fountain

The Pantheon
Not far from the fountain is the striking Pantheon. Despite being almost 2,000 years old, it’s the most well-preserved monument of Ancient Rome. The size of it alone is enough to take your breath away.

pantheon rome

The Colosseum
Built in Ancient Rome to host public events, the Colosseum was famous for holding gladiator fights to the death. You’ve likely already seen at least one movie about it.

colosseum rome

Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
A Coliseum ticket doubles as a same-day Roman Forum & Palatine Hill ticket. This site is sprawling with towering ancient architecture, which definitely makes it a sight to see.

roman forum rome

Roseto Comunale
At the foot of Palatino Hill, you’ll find yourself in Roseto Comunale, one of the most romantic gardens in Rome. With over 1,000 species of roses, flower lovers will want to time their visit to coincide with the greatest number of blooms in May or June.

Rome’s ancient catacombs
There are more than 60 catacombs in Rome, so don’t miss out on this unique experience. Visit the ancient tombs of San Sebastiano, Saint Domitilla, and San Callisto.

Catacombs of Rome Exclusive After Hours and Bone Chapel Tour – Exclusive access after hours to tour the catacombs in the dark. Click here for more information.
Rome Crypts and Catacombs Tickets and Tour – Discover imperial and early Christian Rome, including the Capuchin Crypt. Click here for more information.

If you want to see real skeletons up close, check out the Cripta dei Cappuccini.

Campo de’ Fiori
Visit Campo de’ Fiori for its hip bars, homey family restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.

street market

Best places to eat in Rome

gelato truck

Giolitti – A local favorite best known for its coffee and cakes. Click here for location, contact information and reviews.

Cacio e Pepe – Fresh, homemade pasta and large servings for a good price. Click here for location, contact information and reviews.

Della Palma – 140 different gelato flavors? Yes please. Click here for location, contact information and reviews.

Ginger Sapori e Salute – The best carbonara in town. Click here for location, contact information and reviews.

carbonara pasta

La Carbonara – The pistachio cream pasta is to die for. Click here for location, contact information and reviews.

Pompi – A tiramisu and cannoli lover’s heaven. Click here for location, contact information and reviews.

And, of course, pizza – make your way through this list of Rome’s best pizzerias to decide.

Tips from a local

Dress appropriately
If you’re traveling in the summer, be sure to dress appropriately—and bring around a water bottle, which you can refill at the public fountains. Don’t forget to carry around a scarf, though, as some churches may not let you in if you’re wearing sleeveless summer wear.

Invest in comfortable shoes
Most of Rome’s streets are made of cobblestones and you’ll be walking around a lot, so wearing high heels or uncomfortable shoes may quite literally ruin your trip and your feet.

roman street scene

Bring some cash
Some establishments require a minimum amount to allow credit cards, so be sure to carry some euros.

Keep your belongings close and your wits closer
Europe is actually known for being riddled with pickpockets, so be sure to hold on to your bags and belongings. Avoid keeping anything valuable, like cellphones, in your pocket.

Also, do not accept any “gifts” from strangers on the street as they will often try to extort money from you.

Bring tissues with you
Some public bathrooms are notorious for their rough toilet paper that feels more like sandpaper. To save yourself from such pains, make sure to always bring tissues.

Learn how to recognize freshly made gelato
If it comes in a white plastic tub, it’s most likely store-bought. Look for the silver tubs to find freshly whipped gelato.


Get the best view of Rome
Head to Gianicolo and climb Janiculum hill for a magnificent view of the city.

Sit by the Pantheon by night
Late at night, it’s incredibly peaceful to sit by the Pantheon and maybe even bring along a bottle of wine.

Buy an Omnia Rome and Vatican Card
This is the best and most affordable way to see Rome as you get discounted entry to a lot of attractions, free public transport, and the privilege of skipping the line. Click here for pricing.

Since you’ll likely only have two or three days for your weekend in Rome, your itinerary will most likely be packed with the essential tourist attractions. While this is never a bad thing, be sure to plan a return visit, so you can explore Rome on your own and really soak up its centuries’ worth of history, art, culture, and great food.

Sam Ross

Author Bio: Sam Ross runs the blog The Hammock Hombre – a travel blog focused around the digital nomad lifestyle.

Over the past 3 years, he’s traveled to every continent, so writes on a broad range of countries, cities and destinations.

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