We're Betsy and Pete Wuebker, location independent entrepreneurs who live a simplified travel-centered life. Since 2008, we've built a variety of online businesses that provide us with the keys to happiness: travel, simplicity and freedom. In 2014, we visited 12 countries in Europe, Russia, Hawaii, the South Pacific and Australia! This year we have plans to visit destinations we only dreamed about before. If we can achieve this, so can you!

Behind the Scenes at PassingThru

behind the scenes at PassingThru

A detailed look at what's working for us behind the scenes at PassingThru. Consistent effort, no complaints and lots of fun keep us focused beyond the fray. Clusters of blog posts cycle to the forefront from time to time about the difficult realities of life as a digital nomad. A recent spate went on from this to cover what a "real" blogger who writes about travel should or should not be doing. All rather predictable, and best taken with a grain or two of salt.  A look behind the scenes at Continue Reading

Darwin and Distant Thunder


We're in Darwin at the height of the rainy season. The heat and humidity is staggering, and even on a sunny day you can hear the sound of distant thunder. Eventually our discomfort is relieved with a cloudburst. The intensity of tropical storms in Darwin has been spectacular. Loud claps and booms rattle doors and windows. They even shake buildings, earthquake-like at times. We've already sacrificed one modem to a furious thunderclap, and we wouldn't be surprised by future casualties. Darwin Continue Reading

Become Location Independent: Ultimate Guide

become location independent

When we became location independent, we didn't have a blueprint. The Ultimate Guide to Become Location Independent is exactly the resource we wish we'd had. When fellow travel blogger Norbert Figueroa asked for opinions on his new e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Become Location Independent, we quickly responded. We were curious to see what he included. And having gone down the path to become location independent ourselves, we wanted to compare. Did Norbert's conclusions and recommendations Continue Reading

Visit Bürgersaalkirche to Learn About Father Rupert Mayer

rupert mayer

Visit Bürgersaalkirche in central Munich to see a stunning Baroque interior, but more importantly, introduce yourself to a hero, Father Rupert Mayer. It's easy to overlook the Bürgersaalkirche in favor of other more well-known sites in central Munich, but you shouldn't. We wandered in one morning, drawn in by the building's appealing Baroque facade. When we walked back out, we'd been introduced to the story of a hero, Father Rupert Mayer. Those of us who love Munich can find it hard to Continue Reading

Choose a Way: Philadelphia

Choose a Way Philadelphia Cover

Jim Cheney's Choose a Way: Philadelphia is a terrific conceptual travel guide that will help you discover the City of Brotherly Love detail by detail, day by day. Having visited Philadelphia a couple of times, I was interested when a fellow travel blogger asked me to review a new guidebook he was publishing on the City of Brotherly Love. Jim Cheney, who can be found at, is a writer and photographer based in Harrisburg. His latest offering, Choose a Way: Philadelphia, has a Continue Reading

Why You Should Visit Kuantan

visit Kuantan

If we had planned a trip to Malaysia in the first place, we'd have chosen Kuala Lumpur rather than visit Kuantan. But the universe had other ideas. We needed to get out of Australia. We'd booked two Australian house sits, but their timing exceeded the 90 days at a stretch we're allowed. We needed to make a visa run. Hoping to exchange timeshare points, we looked in vain for a location in New Zealand. With time running out, we had to expand our search. When a nice-looking resort in Malaysia Continue Reading

Story, Memory and the Intransigence of Lists

three minutes

It started with a list of travel blogs we respect. Then our internet went out and it became instead about story, memory and the intransigence of lists. It's a funny thing when the internet goes out on us, the digital nomads. At first, we get all cranky and disjointed. There are items which will be left unaccomplished, lists that go unchecked, schedules that fall behind. There isn't a thing you can do. The internet in this part of Malaysia has been wonky ever since the floods two weeks ago. Off Continue Reading