We're Betsy and Pete Wuebker, location independent entrepreneurs who live a simplified travel-centered life. Since 2008, we've built a variety of online businesses that provide us with the keys to happiness: travel, simplicity and freedom. In 2014, we visited 12 countries in Europe, Russia, Hawaii, the South Pacific and Australia! This year we have plans to visit destinations we only dreamed about before. If we can achieve this, so can you!

Johor Bahru: Bridging Old and New in Malaysia

Johor Bahru

Not just a cost effective alternative to Singapore, Johor Bahru bridges old and new in Malaysia. Get there before modernization initiatives are complete. “We’ll be staying across the bridge in Malaysia,” Pete informed me. “We get two weeks in Johor Bahru for the same amount of Hilton points as a single week in Singapore. We’ll just go back and forth during the day.” Pure no-brainer, then, even though I’d never heard of Johor Bahru before. Seemed easy enough, and no matter: all of the recent Continue Reading

Litchfield National Park: Bush Bashing in the NT

Litchfield National Park

Our Australian friends offered to take us bush bashing in Litchfield National Park. How could we resist (even if we didn’t really know what that meant)? Ask an American what “Bush Bashing” is and you’ll get a very different definition than you would from an Aussie. We didn't have the heart to broach a discussion of the difference, weary as we are of the practice as it's defined back home. Bush bashing Down Under means a visit to the outback. So, "no worries, mate!" Off we went "straight away" Continue Reading

London: Let It Fly with Virgin Atlantic


Virgin Atlantic invited us to participate in crafting a fun itinerary in London with a separate option for our readers to enter to win a trip, too! “London is one of the most enchanting places I've ever been on this planet.” - Don Johnson Recently, Virgin Atlantic got in touch to invite us to take part in a bit of fun. They sent us (and nine other bloggers) a bag filled with random items (ours was virtual because we're so far away here in Australia) from which we were to create a unique Continue Reading

Schwabing: Where the 20th Century Took Hold in Europe


Munich's Schwabing neighborhood legacy lives on as an early 20th-century lightning rod for artistic, intellectual and even radical activity. This wasn't my first visit to Munich, but it was Pete's. Since he's not one for tightly-scripted traditional sightseeing in museums or tourist attractions, I thought we should explore a neighborhood outside of the old city center. Several resources pointed to Schwabing as the perfect example: lots of interesting art nouveau architecture, trendy shops, and Continue Reading

A Mouse and a Lion Led Us to Liechtenstein


"There's only one place I'd really like to go on this trip," Pete declared. And just like that, we were led to Liechtenstein by a mouse and a lion. You never know what will influence you to visit an out of the way place. When Pete said he wanted to go to Liechtenstein, I couldn't have dreamed up the reason if I tried. "We read The Mouse That Roared in junior high," he reminisced, "and ever since, I've wanted to go." Since I was the one making most of the arrangements for our European trip, I Continue Reading

A Bit of Bohemia in Brisbane: The West End

a bit of Bohemia in Brisbane

The West End, an inner ring suburb with a quick commute to the city proper or the slick South Bank, is an entirely different world: a bit of Bohemia in Brisbane. Brisbane is first and foremost a river town. The Brisbane River cuts through southeast Queensland for a couple hundred miles before emptying into Moreton Bay, its last few serpentine twists defining the city. Just short of what is now Brisbane's central business district, the river turns upon itself and turns back again, creating a Continue Reading

Behind the Scenes at PassingThru

behind the scenes at PassingThru

A detailed look at what's working for us behind the scenes at PassingThru. Consistent effort, no complaints and lots of fun keep us focused beyond the fray. Clusters of blog posts cycle to the forefront from time to time about the difficult realities of life as a digital nomad. A recent spate went on from this to cover what a "real" blogger who writes about travel should or should not be doing. All rather predictable, and best taken with a grain or two of salt.  A look behind the scenes at Continue Reading