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Now in our sixth year of location independence, we’ve road-tripped, sold all our stuff, and will soon celebrate our two year anniversary of traveling the world full-time. After visiting more than 30 countries since this journey began, we know happiness can be found in a simple, travel-centered life! Join us as we're PassingThru!

How to Travel in India like a Local

How to Travel in India Likea local

Guest blogger Rohit Agarwal joins us to advise on how to travel in India like a local. If you're planning a trip to India, his wisdom will assist! India is a diverse country where you have a number of places to visit and amazing number of things to do. Traveling the lengths and breadths of India can be very interesting yet challenging. To add fun while also making the most out of your trip, travel in India like a local. Here is how you do it. Know That Your Clothes Can Give You Continue Reading

Gifts for Travelers: Consult Our Guide for 2016


Great gifts for travelers in our guide for 2016! Choose from common-sense essentials and little luxuries for every traveler on your list! When it comes to gifts for travelers, gift-givers need to be prudent. Every traveler is concerned about space and weight limitations. At the same time, though, that doesn't mean we don't like pretty or luxurious things. Some might even argue since we're carrying so little with us, everything we have should be something we enjoy seeing and using. After Continue Reading

Clarion Hotel Sense: Four Star Stay in the Gateway to Swedish Lapland

Sleek bath deails

Our brief stay at the beautiful four star Clarion Hotel Sense in Luleå, Sweden was the perfect option for the gateway to Swedish Lapland. We were tired when we arrived in Luleå in the early morning hours. Our overnight train compartment from Stockholm had been fairly comfortable (at least for me, who'd slept in the bottom bunk), but as we feared, it was so early that our room at the Clarion Hotel Sense wasn't ready. Apologetically, the desk clerk smiled, handed us tickets for the breakfast Continue Reading

Moving Kiruna in Swedish Lapland


“If a Swedish Lapland interest list had only one item, what would it be?” we asked. Our new young friend didn't hesitate: “Moving Kiruna," he replied. We had no plans to go to Kiruna. In fact, we’d never even heard of it. But, as full-time international travelers, we’ve learned that we should trust. Over the past four years, the Universe has routinely delivered us the stories we've needed to tell and the places we've needed to see. At times, this has been kind of embarrassing; we realize how Continue Reading

Suomenlinna: UNESCO Heritage Site in Helsinki

The Consulate of Djibouti is (inexplicably?) located in this building on Suomenlinna. Note the brass doorplate.

One of seven World Heritage sites in Finland, Suomenlinna (literally, “Finnish castle”) has been a garrison protecting Helsinki and its harbor since the mid-18th century. Falling under the flags of three countries - Sweden (1748-1808), Russa (1808-1918) and independent Finland (1918 - present), Suomenlinna has also been home to civilian residents throughout its history. Suomenlinna was constructed to protect Sweden against Russian invaders If you look at the map of Finland, you’ll see the Continue Reading

Summer in Dalarna: Simple Swedish Traditions

summer in Dalarna

Visitors to central Sweden can enjoy summer in Dalarna at a mountain pasture farm and country guesthouse with beautiful, simple traditions. The northern light spills in through windows framed by crisp white muslin, dancing upward from a gleaming brass candlestick to follow the steam rising from our coffee. It’s time for morning fika, the customary Swedish break between meals. Here, next to an imposing 17th-century hearth in one of the weathered log cabins of Karl Tövåsen’s fäbod, Tin Continue Reading

Dala Horse: A Painted Swedish Icon

Courtesy of Nils Olsson Dalahästar

The painted Dala horse is a Swedish icon. During a visit to the Dalarna province, we learned about its history and how it is made today. Chances are when you see a gaily painted red wooden horse, you know that it’s from Sweden. During a recent visit to the Dalarna province of central Sweden, we looked forward to learning more about the Dala horse, and seeing how it was made. The Dala horse can be found throughout our home state of Minnesota We’re from Minnesota, where numerous Swedes Continue Reading