We're Betsy and Pete Wuebker, location independent entrepreneurs who live a simplified travel-centered life. Since 2008, we've built a variety of online businesses that provide us with the keys to happiness: travel, simplicity and freedom. When 2014 comes to a close, we'll have spent it in Europe, Russia, Hawaii, the South Pacific and more! If we can achieve this, so can you!

Grand Breakfast Budapest Style

breakfast budapest

A grand breakfast Budapest style was on the menu in the opulent New York Cafe, celebrating 120 years as "the most beautiful coffee house in the world." Strolling along the Grand Boulevard (Erzsébet körút) in Budapest one morning, we thought we'd opt for a "grand breakfast Budapest style" in a historic coffee house. An understated reference to a stop and gawk on the circular bus route map convinced us we should at least check out the incongruously named New York Cafe. Little did we Continue Reading

Moving to Hawaii: 5 Things to Know

moving to hawaii

Island mindset and realities: if you want to go from thinking about moving to Hawaii to actually making a plan, here are 5 basic things to know. 1. Hawaii is not just Oahu. Some people think they know everything there is to know about moving to Hawaii, because they've visited or lived in Honolulu, Oahu. This is like saying you know everything about the United States because you've been to New York City. Most online references cover aspects of living in and moving to Hawaii that only pertain Continue Reading

Walking Around Prague

walking around Prague

Walking around Prague on our own, we started from Old Town, crossed the Charles Bridge, climbed up to the Castle Hill neighborhood and back down again. A day spent walking around Prague is about as fine a day a traveler might imagine. We'd hoarded this day, giving it no specific plans, guarding against all sorts of temptations, and when it came we were ready. We were staying at the Clarion Hotel - Old Town using points on this trip, so our room was free. Its location felt ever so Continue Reading

Kutna Hora: Beauty and Bones

Kutna Hora

On a day trip to Kutna Hora from Prague, we discovered the architectural legacy of medieval and renaissance Bohemia, presented in beauty and bones. The inevitable question of anyone visiting Prague for the first time is, are you planning to go to Kutna Hora? Kutna Hora is a UNESCO World Heritage city, arising from its historical status as an important Bohemian political and economic center beginning in the 14th and 15th centuries. What UNESCO calls the "cultural vivacity" of Kutna Hora Continue Reading

Traditional Hungarian Jewish Food in Budapest

traditional hungarian jewish food

An unexpected recommendation from a Kauai friend for traditional Hungarian Jewish food, Fülemüle was his favorite restaurant in Budapest. Now it's ours. On our second full day in Budapest, we still felt rather disoriented in the city. Coming from Vienna, whose luxurious ways had been intimidating and intoxicating at the same time, Budapest at first seemed like a shabby lady past her prime. Ensconced in a disappointing hotel, and confused by the unfamiliar Hungarian language, we looked forward Continue Reading