We're Betsy and Pete Wuebker, location independent entrepreneurs who live a simplified travel-centered life. Since 2008, we've built a variety of online businesses that provide us with the keys to happiness: travel, simplicity and freedom. When 2014 comes to a close, we'll have spent it in Europe, Russia, Hawaii, the South Pacific and more! If we can achieve this, so can you!

Fiji Pearls: Alluring Gems from Paradise

fiji pearls

Highly prized for their lustrous array of colors, and farmed in partnership with local communities, Fiji pearls are unique in the world of precious gems. Out of the hundreds of thousands of visitors to Fiji each year, only about 20,000 or so make it to lovely little Savusavu, a town of less than 5,000 on Fiji's second largest island of Vanua Levu. If Savusavu is "Fiji's best kept secret," the opportunity to visit J. Hunter Pearls and see how Fiji pearls are farmed right in Savusavu Bay is Continue Reading

Fiji Time

fiji time

Visit Fiji and inevitably you'll learn about "Fiji Time" - the national belief that life should be lived moment by moment, without stress or hurry. When you get to Fiji, inevitably you'll encounter Fiji Time. Usually this is a situation where people aren't behaving or things aren't happening in the way you want, as quickly as you expected, or even at all. Perhaps your meal is slow to come, or the server forgets entirely that you wanted something. Maybe you'll try to hire someone for work Continue Reading

Lifestyle Business Interview: More Enjoyment

lifestyle business

The reason for many a lifestyle business is More Enjoyment. Creative entrepreneurs Eliza Fayle and Marc Faubert named their company just that. When Eliza Fayle and Marc Faubert personally partnered eight years ago (she calls him "Mr. Very Right"), they never envisioned they'd be running a lifestyle business named More Enjoyment. Yet, now they are. Working in parallel pursuits which focus on their individual strengths, this couple has taken action toward career and creative freedom. The result Continue Reading

Indian Home Cooking with Love and Light

indian home cooking

It is our first Diwali and we are guests of our new friend, Pravina. Her invitation leads to a lesson in Indian home cooking delivered with love and light. During Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, goodness is illuminated. Good will triumphs over evil, signified by the lighting of lamps and exchanging gifts. Windows and doors are opened for Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, to find her way into the homes of the people. Bright rangoli designs are created in patterns of colored rice as a Continue Reading

Zazzle Top Ten Christmas Best-Sellers

zazzle top ten christmas best sellers

With the Christmas holiday shopping season in full swing it's time to share our Zazzle Top Ten Christmas Best Sellers! No matter how long you're in the Print on Demand game, Christmas remains one of your best selling opportunities. Once we got more strategic with our business, we began to keep track of our Zazzle Top Ten Christmas Best Sellers in order to capitalize on related products to cross-sell. Christmas postage and address labels are two of our biggest category sellers in our Zazzle Continue Reading

Lifestyle Interview: Nat and Jodie – House Sitting World

nat jodie

House Sitting World founders Natalie Smith and Jodie Thompson travel the world as full time house sitters, mentoring and inspiring others to do it, too. Sometimes the universe gives you a gift on a silver platter, wrapped up in a disguise of adversity. Jodie Thompson and Natalie Smith, of House Sitting World, were an Australian couple stuck in Dubai in a failing business. Then, even though they didn't realize it, they were presented with a life-changing opportunity. Nat is a former federal Continue Reading

Eating and Drinking in Russia

eating and drinking in Russia

Leading up to the Sochi Olympics, we were most curious about what we were going to be eating and drinking in Russia. This kept our minds off the media hype. Russians love to drink and eat. And we loved eating and drinking in Russia, too. Sharing a glass or a meal is the best way we know of getting acquainted with people. We felt so fortunate to become acquainted with Russians of every age, and from a variety of regions during the Olympic Games. Fed on an information diet which consisted Continue Reading