Aloha! We’re Betsy and Pete!

Happy New Year! 2016 will bring our sixth year of location independence. We’ve road-tripped, sold all our stuff, and are now into year two of traveling the world full-time. After visiting more than 30 countries since this journey began, we know happiness can be found in a simple, travel-centered life! Join us as we're PassingThru!

In the “Lost City” of Wiang Kum Kam

map of se asia 1000-1100

During our stay in Northern Thailand just outside Chiang Mai, we found a very satisfactory happiness in the peaceful “lost city” of Wiang Kum Kam. Having visited Isaan, Bangkok, the southern islands, and beach resorts, Northern Thailand was next. We were looking for a spot where there might not be as many Western expats. And so, the Universe delivered us to a place where Westerners are seen only briefly, if at all: the "lost city" of Wiang Kum Kam. Initially, we weren’t particularly Continue Reading

Hotel Review: Somerset Lake Point Bangkok

somerset lake point bangkok

After several weeks exploring Northern Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, we felt as though we had come home to Somerset Lake Point Bangkok. You might recall that during a previous stay in Bangkok we were hosted by Somerset Park Suanplu in the financial district off South Sathorn Road (click here to see our review of that property). When we were asked by The Ascott Group to visit another of their properties, Somerset Lake Point Bangkok, for what would turn out to be our last few days in Thailand, Continue Reading

Isaan: The Heart of Thailand


If you’ve been to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket or the beaches, yet haven't visited the Kingdom's northeast, you’ve missed Isaan: the heart of Thailand. Isaan (pronounced ee-SAHN, and also spelled Isan) is the northeast region of Thailand which shares a modern border with Laos and Cambodia. Isaan contains about one-third of Thailand's total land mass and is home to about one-third of its people, too. But, Isaan isn't as popular with tourists as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, or Phuket. This is precisely Continue Reading

Which Luggage is Best for Travel?

Trolley wheels! No, no, NO!

After 18 months of full-time travel with both checked and carry on bags, our ideas about packing and which luggage is best for travel might surprise you! We've been to more than 30 countries in the past two years, and have dragged our belongings along in a variety of ways. Some of the initial choices we made, to be brutally honest, were just awful. We were so dumb! But, we've hit some winners after numerous false starts, a couple of dreadful fails and a lot of trial and error. Which luggage is Continue Reading

Windsor Suites Bangkok Hotel Review

Windsor Suites Executive Level living room

Windsor Suites Bangkok is ideally located in the central Sukhumvit neighborhood, making it a fine base from which to spend your stay. Our Experience at Windsor Suites Bangkok: Our spacious (45 square meters) one bedroom Executive Club King Suite was perfectly arranged for two digital nomads whose morning schedules vary. Pete, as the earliest riser, used the workspace in the living area close to the coffee-making facilities. Buffered by the closet and bath area, Betsy could sleep in Continue Reading

International Travel Safety Don’ts – A Baker’s Dozen


In this post, we share a baker's dozen of the most common of the international travel safety don'ts we've received along with pertinent actual experience. Over the past two years, we've been on the receiving end of quite a few international travel safety don'ts and admonitions. Many of these have come from well-meaning people who haven't got a current passport (and may never have had one at all), and others from people who do but should know better. Obviously, your mileage may vary. 1. Continue Reading

Pimann Buri Luxury Pool Villas, Krabi Thailand

Pimann Buri Luxury Pool Villas, Krabi Thailand

“This must be what a king feels like.” My husband is up to his neck in the soothing coolness of our private pool at Pimann Buri. “Beyond heavenly,” I agree. The luxury resort marketplace is very competitive throughout Thailand, with big hotel names and independents alike vying for your business. In Krabi, the folks at Pimann Buri Luxury Pool Villas are “in it to win it” with a superlative setting and an outstanding experience to offer you. Secluded from, but very close to, the stunning Ao Continue Reading