Aloha! We’re Betsy and Pete!

Now in our sixth year of location independence, we’ve road-tripped, sold all our stuff, and will soon celebrate our two year anniversary of traveling the world full-time. After visiting more than 30 countries since this journey began, we know happiness can be found in a simple, travel-centered life! Join us as we're PassingThru!

A Nostalgic Visit to Paul Bunyan Land

Paul Bunyan Land in Minnesota

Many Minnesotans have fond memories of visiting Paul Bunyan Land as children. Nowadays, this famous attraction has even more for all ages! “Oh boy!” said Pete to the rest of our group. “One of the highlights for us kids on our summer trips to the cabin was visiting Paul Bunyan Land. You know, he talks to you and everything! He even knew my name!” If you grew up in the Northern United States, chances are you know the mythical legend of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. Formulated out of Continue Reading

Fun Adventures in Central and Northwest Minnesota

Fun Adventures in Central and Northwest Minnesota - fishing with McQuoids

With summer brings the opportunity for a variety of fun adventures in Central and Northwest Minnesota on land and water, and even in the air! Summer fun adventures in Central and Northwest Minnesota abound for all ages! We recently rediscovered this region with new eyes after an absence of several years. Active enthusiasts will be amazed at all the options, no matter how you roll. There is no more perfect environment than a Minnesota summer to get your groove on! Come along and be inspired as Continue Reading

Reunification Express

Reunification Express

A chance encounter on the last leg of Vietnam's Reunification Express train from Hanoi to Saigon leads to forgiveness and acceptance of shared history. Note: We have previously written about our memorable trip on the Reunification Express in Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City by Train, which is a factual account with information on how you might replicate our experience in Vietnam. What we haven't shared publicly until now is a life-changing encounter which occurred on the final leg of that journey. Continue Reading

Hotel Review: Hampton Inn Minneapolis-Roseville

Hampton Inn Minneapolis-Roseville

We discovered a wealth of thoughtfully designed details to please almost every type of traveler at the new Hampton Inn Minneapolis-Roseville. Our Experience: It’s not every day you can move into a brand new hotel and be among the first to experience every thoughtful detail it has to offer. We found a variety of amenities and conveniences at the Hampton Inn Minneapolis-Roseville, which proved the brand’s commitment to business travelers isn’t just lip service. And what’s good for business Continue Reading

The Magic of Madden’s on Gull Lake

Accommodations at Maddens Resort

In the perfectly pristine setting of an upstate Minnesota summer, we left the real world behind for the magic of Madden's on Gull Lake. After you turn off highway 371, the upstate Minnesota landscape unfolds as part of a shimmering promise. And that promise is: in the space of the few minutes, you’ll leave your real world somewhere back behind you, obscured and protected from intrusion by the perfection only this part of the world can bring. Here is a paradise wrought in a hundred shades of Continue Reading

Meeting the 4-year-old Mayor of Dorset, Minnesota

4-year-old Mayor of Dorset, Minnesota

James Tufts, the sprightly 4-year-old Mayor of Dorset, Minnesota, squeezes my hand. "Don't worry," he says, "I do this stuff all the time." The 4-year-old Mayor of Dorset, Minnesota, James Tufts, is putting his tiny upstate hamlet on the map and we're here to meet him. James made history about a year ago when he was elected at the age of 3, succeeding his older brother, Bobby, age 7, who had already served two terms and was two days older than James when he won his first election. (There was an Continue Reading

Moving to Kauai: What About My Vehicle?


A big dilemma for those moving to Kauai: do I ship my mainland car or buy a vehicle there? Garden Island Auto Sales validated our choice. When we were planning on moving to Kauai, there were so many details associated with wrapping up our mainland life that we left decisions about our cars until just a few months before our departure date. This made sense: we needed our vehicles to go about daily life, and we weren’t really sure whether taking them (or just one) was the right decision. About Continue Reading