Aloha! We’re Betsy and Pete!

Now in our sixth year of location independence, we’ve road-tripped, sold all our stuff, and will soon celebrate our two year anniversary of traveling the world full-time. After visiting more than 30 countries since this journey began, we know happiness can be found in a simple, travel-centered life! Join us as we're PassingThru!

Moving to Kauai: What About My Vehicle?


A big dilemma for those moving to Kauai: do I ship my mainland car or buy a vehicle there? Garden Island Auto Sales validated our choice. When we were planning on moving to Kauai, there were so many details associated with wrapping up our mainland life that we left decisions about our cars until just a few months before our departure date. This made sense: we needed our vehicles to go about daily life, and we weren’t really sure whether taking them (or just one) was the right decision. About Continue Reading

Top 10 Sofia Attractions for First Timers

sofia attractions roman amphitheater

Heading to the Balkans? Don’t miss Sofia, Bulgaria! Use our top 10 list of Sofia attractions for first-timers and get acquainted with a fascinating city. When we planned our time in the Balkans, locations other than Sofia, and Bulgaria in general, took center stage. But then we visited. In the space of a few days, we encountered a host of Sofia attractions which convey the city’s rich heritage spanning more than two thousand years. We took to Sofia immediately. The capital city's vibe is Continue Reading

House Sitting in a Hurricane: Five Things We Learned from Cyclone Winston in Fiji

house sitting in a hurricane, korotogo sigatoka

What do you learn house sitting in a hurricane which was the strongest cyclone to hit the Southern Hemisphere since record-keeping began? This was to be (and is, at the time of this writing) our third house sit at a hilltop compound on Fiji’s Coral Coast. When we set things up at the close of our second sit for these homeowners, there was some conversation about hurricanes, or cyclones as they’re called in this part of the world. The chances of us winding up house sitting in a hurricane Continue Reading

How a Bucket List Ruins Travel and 5 Things You Can Do About It

bucket list ruins travel

We’ve noticed it more and more: sometimes a bucket list ruins travel for people. What can you do so your bucket list doesn't disappoint? The thing you don’t want: disappointment when you’re checking off something on your bucket list. Yet more and more we’re seeing signs that a bucket list ruins travel - not just for the bucket lister, but for other travelers in their immediate periphery and still others who have that same item on their list. A bucket list item is supposed to be an inspiring and Continue Reading

Explaining China at Length

explaining china tai chi with a sword

Explaining China with the benefit of hindsight and research into the paradoxes and complexities we observed during our recent visit. A friend messaged us the other day with a question. She’d been invited to a conference in China and wondered if she should go. “I know you didn’t like China when you were there,” came the text, “and it’s never been at the top of my list for a variety of reasons. But I have this invite. What would you do?” In response, we found ourselves in the position of Continue Reading

Romantic Rovinj

Romantic Rovinj

We would go on to deepen our affair with all of Istria. But in the moonlight on that first night, we only knew we were falling in love with romantic Rovinj. Our plan was less than definitive. We were making our way by land from Germany to Istanbul. Our train took us south from Munich, through Slovenia and into Zagreb. Somehow we heard about Rovinj, and booked what looked to be charming accommodations. Nowhere in this process was the slightest clue as to how we’d get there, and no idea that we’d Continue Reading

Diocletian’s Palace: Living in History

Diocletian's Palace living history

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll recognize Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Croatia. Stay within the Palace walls to play your part in living history. Diocletian's Palace in Split, Croatia has been a UNESCO Heritage Site since 1979. Its walled complex contains the Roman Emperor's residential villa and temple sites, some of which were later converted to Christian churches. Just as important to UNESCO are the many medieval structures within the compound, boasting beautiful gothic and baroque Continue Reading