We're Betsy and Pete Wuebker, location independent entrepreneurs who live a simplified travel-centered life. Since 2008, we've built a variety of online businesses that provide us with the keys to happiness: travel, simplicity and freedom. In 2014, we visited 12 countries in Europe, Russia, Hawaii, the South Pacific and Australia! This year we have plans to visit destinations we only dreamed about before. If we can achieve this, so can you!

Serenity at the Silken Park Hotel San Jorge

silken park hotel san jorge

Opening our door, we hear the breathing of the sea. “Oh, how can this be anything but great?” Pete sighs. It's serenity at the Silken Park Hotel San Jorge. The Silken Park Hotel San Jorge sits atop a rugged cliff along the Costa Brava's Cami de Ronda walking trail in Platja d’Aro. We recently spent a few days sequestered there in heavenly peace. You’ll love it, too. Serenity from Sea Views: If there’s anything more serene than a view of the sea, let us know. The sea is part of everything Continue Reading

La Bomba Tapas and Barcelona Anarchists

la bomba tapas

In the Barri Gràcia, we bite into La Bomba tapas, which pay tribute to historic Barcelona anarchists. They go down easy with today’s Catalán identity. “Watch out, the brava sauce is spicy,” warns Renee. In Barcelona’s Gràcia neighborhood, a labyrinth of tight historic streets, we are biting into La Bomba tapas. Carlos, the owner of L’Anxoveta, hovers anxiously, water at the ready. They couldn’t have known my husband. It’s the sort of statement he takes as a challenge, while simultaneously Continue Reading

Costa Brava Cuisine Fresh from Farm and Sea

costa brava cuisine

Simple ingredients fresh from farm and sea make for magical meals of Costa Brava cuisine at traditional tables in Catalunya. If a society’s overall well-being is reflected in its everyday food, Catalunya may just be the finest place on the planet. In the Costa Brava, local food - its production, preparation, presentation, and ultimately, the pleasure taken from it - artfully elevates the experience of eating to entirely new levels. "Catalonia can do without the entire world, but the Continue Reading

Hotel Aiguaclara: What Love Begets in Begur

hotel aiguaclara

At the Hotel Aiguaclara in Begur on Spain's Costa Brava, you are a treasured guest who is welcomed with love. When you come to stay at the Hotel Aiguaclara in Begur, you arrive at the 19th-century house of Bonaventura Caner Bataller. This was a man whose name (“good venture”) foretold a fortune to be made in Cuba and invested here on return. In Begur, you are embraced by the loveliness of the Costa Brava, a land between mountains and sea. Here, life is rich with giving and Continue Reading

5 Future Travel Destinations We Have On Our Radar

future travel destinations

Part of the fun of full-time travel is figuring out where you’re headed. These intriguing destinations are currently on our radar: 1. India Those of you who follow us on Facebook may remember that we’d planned an extended stopover in Mumbai on our way to Europe from Singapore. That didn’t happen due to a misinterpretation of visa-on-demand requirements on our part, and disinclination of India’s High Consulate in Singapore to process paperwork in sufficient time to allow us entry and exit in Continue Reading

Johor Bahru: Bridging Old and New in Malaysia

Johor Bahru

Not just a cost effective alternative to Singapore, Johor Bahru bridges old and new in Malaysia. Get there before modernization initiatives are complete. “We’ll be staying across the bridge in Malaysia,” Pete informed me. “We get two weeks in Johor Bahru for the same amount of Hilton points as a single week in Singapore. We’ll just go back and forth during the day.” Pure no-brainer, then, even though I’d never heard of Johor Bahru before. Seemed easy enough, and no matter: all of the recent Continue Reading

Litchfield National Park: Bush Bashing in the NT

Litchfield National Park

Our Australian friends offered to take us bush bashing in Litchfield National Park. How could we resist (even if we didn’t really know what that meant)? Ask an American what “Bush Bashing” is and you’ll get a very different definition than you would from an Aussie. We didn't have the heart to broach a discussion of the difference, weary as we are of the practice as it's defined back home. Bush bashing Down Under means a visit to the outback. So, "no worries, mate!" Off we went "straight away" Continue Reading