Aloha! We’re Betsy and Pete!

2015 begins our fifth year of location independence. Happiness can definitely be found in a simplified, travel-centered life! We’ve road-tripped, sold all our stuff, moved to a tropical island, visited over 20 countries, and now travel the world full-time. Join us as we're PassingThru!

Meeting Malvasia

Malvasia Ivica Matosevic

“But here, enough talking, let’s taste,” Ivica Matosevic smiles as he pours his Malvasia. We’re sitting at a picnic table on the veranda of Ivica’s wine cellar in Kruncici, the middle of Istria. It’s the beginning of my love affair with Malvasia. “The only reason I got into this business was so I could play more music and drink more wine with my friends.” - Ivica Matosevic To hear him tell the story, Ivica Matosevic (pronounced ee-VEET-sa ma-TOE-sheh-vitch) is an unlikely vintner. While Continue Reading

Visit Malaysia? Oh, Yes!

visit Malaysia for old and new

When we began our full-time travel journey almost a year ago, we never dreamed we would visit Malaysia. Since then, we've been twice and would return again. Visit Malaysia? It wasn't a destination we initially considered. But sometimes, you just have to trust there is a reason behind an opportunity when it appears. We've been fortunate to visit Malaysia twice in the past year, and we'd love to explore more of this beautiful country. When you think of Malaysia, you might think Kuala Continue Reading

West Sussex Village Life

West Sussex village life - The Red Lion in Ashington

Our introduction to England came when friendly little communities welcomed us into West Sussex village life amid the beautiful backdrop of the South Downs. If you've read English literature, you've imagined yourself in an English village. Perhaps your mind's eye places you in Kent along with Pip in Great Expectations, or as a Brontë character in Yorkshire. Maybe you think of Hawkshead or Hampshire, in a Jane Austen or Beatrix Potter kind of way. Whatever your associations, we're betting West Continue Reading

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers


I was honored to be selected by Donna Janke of Destinations, Detours and Dreams for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Donna lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba and it has been a pleasure getting to know her in the blogosphere. So many of the aspects of her life are close to our Minnesota roots, including the fact that she likes to go where it's warm when winter looms! The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers honor comes with a set of rules: answer 10 questions asked by the person who awarded you Continue Reading

Mallorca Calas: Our Favorites

Mallorca calas

While many visitors opt for crowded resorts, they miss out. We recommend visiting Mallorca calas, Mediterranean coves where life is lived in a slower lane. Mallorca is lots more than the glitz and late-night carousing that many associate with the more crowded areas of the Balearic Islands. We spent two weeks in Mallorca and fell in love with the “cala vibe.” Even though you may choose a popular Mallorca community from which to make your base, we think you’ll want to head to one of the many Continue Reading

Art Nouveau in Brussels: 12 Ways to Enjoy

cyclamen wall hanging

Victor Horta and his associates, the founders of art nouveau in Brussels, illuminated 19th-century architecture with the light of the coming 20th century. Barcelona may have Gaudí and France may claim the École de Nancy, but Belgium boasts Victor Horta and his associates. In modern Brussels, exemplary art nouveau details still exist aplenty in neighborhoods like Ixelles, Uccle, and Saint-Gilles. At the end of the 19th century, these communities were popular with the bourgeoisie, who could Continue Reading

Context Travel Barcelona: Story within History

context travel barcelona

"Christopher Columbus had a pocketful of beans." This engaging imagery bridged our two Context Travel Barcelona tours: Gothic Quarter and City of Chocolate. Arriving in a city we'd never visited, we welcomed the opportunity to acclimate ourselves by taking two Context Travel Barcelona tours: City of Chocolate and Gothic Quarter. Little did we realize a single engaging story would bridge and overlap these two seemingly unrelated approaches to educating and entertaining us with Barcelona's Continue Reading